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The front wheel drive Audi 200 was introduced to Britain in right hand drive form in 1980 and was based on the type43 Audi 100 but with differing external features. There were two versions with the glorious 5 cylinder engines, the 5E essentially a higher spec 100, and the 5T which had a turbo-charged unit developing about 170bhp.

Audi 200 on Safari

In 1983 the type44 Audi 200 was launched, again based on the 100 with differing external features and initially 5 cylinder normally aspirated and turbo-charged options. In 1985, the permanent 4 wheel drive Quattro system arrived for the 200 and with it the normally aspirated option was dropped. It also came in the Avant form and, fitted with the bullet-proof 200 bhp 1B engine (1988 on), gave Audi a high performance load lugging estate or 5-door fastback (depending on your point of view) to add to its range. It's this version which has spawned the many high performance evolutions to follow, through the 100-S4, S6 and culminating in the RS6. The Audi 200 finally ceased production as a right hand drive in 1990 and completely in 1991.

The type44 200 in Quattro form shares many parts with its more famous sibling, the ur-Quattro of rallying renown. However, the 200 had its share of motorsport involvement too and a near standard 200 Quattro saloon won the Safari Rally in 1987 with Hannu Mikkola at the wheel. Successes also came in stage wins at the Monte Carlo Rally with Walter Rohrl, and winning the US TransAm championship series.

Of course, there's one boast that the 200 has over the ur-Quattro... a grey metallic Audi 200 Avant was one of James Bond's cars in "The Living Daylights" in 1987. I wonder where that is now?

This site is intended as a resource for information and technical help
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200 Reborn cover image

I can recommend this book by renowned motoring author Lyndsay Porter about the restoration of his 200 Avant Quattro. It contains lots of photos of the process and repair procedures with a great many useful tips. Consider it a vital companion to the Haynes manual. Click the cover image to open the press release and ways to purchase the book.

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